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History and Business Overview

The company, established in 2016, is among the market leaders in marketing,distribution and sales of piping and related products segment under the brand name of SPIND.

The company upholds a strong reputation for the high quality products and strong distribution network. The reputed and experienced Management Team of EAMLO is led by

young, energetic and dynamic leader, Mr Rithy Lo, who has many years of experience in the retail and distribution business. the entire management team and employees are

motivated to achieve higher levels of corporate excellence and customer's satisfaction.

EAMLO is one of the major piping solution providing companies with strong brand value domestically. We distribute Floor Gully/Trap, Joint Fittings and HDPE pipes of the highest

quality and also have the most versatile products range right from 20mm to 63mm diameter. Continuous working to feed market with best piping solution led to fastest expansion

of joint fitting by EAMLO which now commands a sizable market share of Floor Gully/Trap, Joint Fitting and HDPE pipes in Cambodia. 

Our products are applicable for variety of application in high importance sector, such as agriculture, Building and construction. Pipes and products are for usage  in variety of industrail

application while in the building and construction sector, it is for sewerage, drainage and potable water conveying.